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                              文章作者:創始人 發布時間:2023-05-22 18:07:29 瀏覽次數:0

                                煙臺陽光板廠家電話: 158-5315-6593隨著新材料蓬勃發展,其陽光板是一種高透光性、高韌性、防紫光內外線、隔熱保溫隔音降噪、耐沖擊的裝飾建材。它具有非常好的透視感,透光度高,使之成為室內室外光照和點綴的選擇之一。


                                Yantai Sunshine Board Manufacturer's Phone: With the vigorous development of new materials, its Sunshine Board is a decorative building material with high transparency, high toughness, UV resistance, insulation, sound insulation, noise reduction, and impact resistance. It has a very good sense of perspective and high transparency, making it one of the choices for indoor and outdoor lighting and embellishments.


                                At the same time, the selected raw material, the surface of the sunlight board, has a special coating treatment to effectively prevent ultraviolet light erosion, making it also suitable for outdoor engineering construction fields. In addition, heat insulation, sound insulation, and noise reduction agents are added to the surface treatment of the solar panel to absorb sound and reduce noise. The characteristic of shock resistance also makes solar panels widely used in areas with frequent earthquakes and other disasters.


                                The production process of solar panels is relatively complex and requires comprehensive manipulation and inspection. During production and manufacturing, it is necessary to conduct tests on various indicators such as work pressure, attention, and speed to ensure the stability and durability of product quality. We have also added halogen-free flame retardants to our solar panels, which provide excellent fire resistance and effectively control our lives and property. The comprehensive supply chain and after-sales service guarantee have enabled Sunshine Board to enjoy a high reputation in the market.


                                The use of solar panels is very extensive, such as building lighting, crystalline roofs, indoor swimming pools, parking garages, and so on. It can not only significantly improve the indoor lighting of buildings, but also have energy-saving, emission reduction, anti haze and other effects at the same time. In the home decoration industry, the sunlight board has been warmly welcomed by the majority of homeowners. For example, a fully transparent and waterproof covering layer can be provided for places such as home bathrooms, living balconies, and hallways to improve indoor air pollution and lighting conditions, ensuring the quality of life at home.




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